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About the Project

2040WORLD is a gaming universe based on a real world economic model.

Our universe is built on mechanics and laws that allow players to get new experience and fun and earn money by developing in the game world.

The universe is inhabited by bioidentical copies in the form of digital avatars — the characters in the game look exactly like players. 2040WORLD models game cycles which make digital goods valuable.

In 2040WORLD, there is a huge range of activities from mining, construction, trading and business to buying and selling land. All professions in the game are in demand, simulating the real world activities. Players will also have the opportunity to compete with each other, participate in PVP battles, etc.


Who we are

2040WORLD is the first play & earn hyperrealistic universe where players control their own bioidentical digital copies — avatars. We believe that playing with your own prototype is a much greater pleasure than seeing an impersonal character on the screen.

The play & earn economics are very important for every player including those who choose a free-to-play mode. Being based on real economic models, which were formed throughout the history, our project has an educational aspect. It allows people to gain experience in running businesses, building economic chains, trading, cooperating with other players and more.

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