Watch the Project Whitepaper
Watch the Project Whitepaper
The story
The story
2040WORLD: become a part of the new reality
Control your avatar to explore a mysterious space station, fight with other players, create goods and sell them at auction, earn from the time playing, and much more!
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Main Equipment
01. Printing drop pod
Category: drop pod
These drop pods print avatars and deliver them and their equipment to the station. The pods are controlled by corporations that are ready to provide them for personal use to everyone.
02. Universal tool
Category: items
To extract resources on the station, you will need a universal tool. Without this item, resources can only be collected from the bodies of dead animals and avatars.
03. Loot boxes
Category: items
These containers come in different qualities. Inside you can find a random set of items: supplies, equipment, ammo, weapons, etc. To open the loot box, you will need a special key of suitable quality.
04. Armor
Category: items
Protective suit for avatars reduces the damage dealt by weapons. Armor can be light, energetic and heavy. Each of these types has a different degree of protection against different types of damage.
05. Mobs
Category: creatures
On the station, avatars can face many dangers. Dozens of unknown species of alien creatures are ready to attack anyone who comes into their sight.
06. Robots
Category: creatures
Long time ago, robots served as the station's maintenance staff, but now they protect it from threats. They guard the most important areas and pose a serious danger to avatars.
07. Firearms
Category: items
Classic firearms: rifle, shotgun, pistol, etc. To fire it, you will need light and heavy ammo.
08. Energy weapons
Category: items
Energy weapons have a lower projectile velocity, but higher damage than firearms.
09. Extraction drop pod
Category: drop pod
To complete the game session and secure the avatar's life as well as the extracted resources, use the extraction pod. There are several such pods in the game world, but at a certain point in time, only one of them is always available to players. The active pod is displayed on the radar.
The story Licensed Avatars
Types of Avatars

The developed role-playing system and the high variability of the gameplay make it possible to find an effective strategy for different audiences of players.

Work your way up from a gray unlicensed avatar to managing the most efficient and powerful avatars of rare quality

To create an avatar, you need a license. You can buy a single-use license for tokens or purchase a drop pod and get a permanent license
A rare resource that is only required to create avatars. You can find it yourself or buy it from other players
  • Bonus from the selected class
  • Customization of avatar characteristics
  • Equipment suitable for the tasks
  • Access to corporate quests
  • Can obtain rights to construction sites
  • Autonomous mining
  • No bonus
  • Random features and reduced budget
  • Random equipment
  • Limited number of introductory quests
  • No rights to construction sites
  • No autonomous mining
The story Types of drop pods
Types of drop pods and avatar classes
Beside different specializations, avatars of different classes have several inventory slots. Their contents are automatically sent to the player's warehouse after the avatar's death

Increased energy levels. Well suited for long travels


Increased hit points and energy. Designed for hunting animals


Can carry a lot of weight. Designed to transfer goods


A universal avatar. Suitable for any task


Has a lot of hit points. The best choice for fighting other avatars

Avatars’ parity
Emergency slots
Emergency slots
Emergency slots
Licensed avatar Stages
Create and sell goods
The economic model of the game allows you to turn gathered resources into goods. these goods, as well as gathered resources, can be sold at auction for tokens
Stages of production facilities and modules construction
  • 01
    Searching for a suitable territory for construction
  • 02
    Eliminating threats by freeing territories
  • 03
    Obtaining the rights to build production facilities
  • 04
    Investing resources in the construction of production facilities
Types of drop pods Tft Token

TFT Token

Crypto fans
Crypto fans
Stages Roadmap


OBT 1 (SUMMER 2024)
main gameplay loop
  • 4 Qualities
  • Energy
  • Weight
  • Equipment
  • Backpacks
Available to open
  • 11 Weapons
  • 2 Types of ammo
  • Ammo dmg multiplier
  • 3 types of armor
  • Full Drop
  • 9 new Mobs
  • Resource nodes
Tft token


OBT 1.1 (SUMMER 2024)
Available to open
  • 10+ Weapons
  • Next equipment quality
  • Movement upgrades
  • Shooting upgrades
  • Classes
  • Capsules
  • Role-play


10k reg
2040 people got access to the testing stage
drop pods
Sale of drop pods to early users
Roadmap Team


Founder, CEO


Со-Founder, CFO




Team Lead, Senior Backend Developer


Art team lead


Technical Art lead

Traction Partners & Investors
Team Vacancies
Partners FAQ

Join Our Team

If you want to take part in the development or promotion of the game and you have necessary skills, we would be glad to have you in our team.

Open Vacancies

UE5 Developer
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Lead concept artist
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What is 2040WORLD?
2040WORLD is a play & earn gaming universe where everyone can make money on time spent playing.

You create an avatar — your own digital copy — and enter the game world. Explore a huge mysterious space station, complete quests from Corporations, eliminate dangerous creatures and mine resources. Produce goods from these resources and sell them at auction to other players for tokens. Each player chooses what to do in the game and how to earn!
How to join the game?
Right now, we’re running a closed Beta testing. There are about 500 pod owners who are testing the game.
To join the Beta, get whitelisted on our website. A few months later, we will add free-to-play characters — gray avatars — to the game. When they are added, anyone will be able to join the game.

Follow us on social media to check the latest news on the project.
Why do I need a drop pod? What are the benefits for pod owners?
You need pods to print licensed avatars — main characters in 2040WORLD. Pod owners receive a permanent license to create an unlimited number of avatars of three different roles. The quality of these avatars will match the quality of the pod. To print an avatar, players only need in-game resources. These include shards — special energy crystals players can mine in the game or buy from other players at auction.
Can avatars die?
Yes, all avatars are mortal. Gray avatars are weaker than licensed ones. The former get random equipment and features (health, running speed, etc.) at the start of the game, which owners of licensed avatars can customize when creating their character.
Thanks to a balanced set of features and proper equipment chosen by players, licensed avatars are more difficult to kill.
Are licenced avatars more powerful than the gray ones?
Yes and no. By adding free-to-play gray avatars to the game, we sought to diversify the gameplay. Anyone can join the game with a gray avatar to explore the gaming universe and make some money. Gray avatars can get together, track down licensed avatars and attack them. This way, they can loot valuable items from a licensed avatar after its death.

Licensed avatars have a wider range of possibilities in the game. They can set up autonomous resource mining stations, produce goods and compete for the construction rights.
What are other differences between gray and licensed avatars?
Gray avatars are free-to-play, they start the game with a random set of features, and some in-game functions are unavailable for them.

Licensed avatars come in 9 different roles. Each role is unique and has its own advantages in various in-game scenarios. For instance, the Courier can carry more resources, while the Miner will get more resources from mineral deposits.

You can learn more about these roles on Medium.
What can I do in the game?
2040WORLD has plenty of options for players, both during the game and when you don’t play it. While at the station, avatars can mine resources, hunt, take up quests and engage in PVP battles. In-between gaming sessions, players can participate in the auction, manage their factories and track their account progress. Each player chooses their own game playing style.
How does the 2040WORLD economy work?
The project's economy is based on real historical models. The gaming universe is divided into the Old World and the New World.
The Old World is safe stable locations secured for players to build enterprises and run businesses. You can set up your factories and do some business activities here.
The New World are unexplored station rings full of dangers and threats, but rich in resources that can be mined. Here players can start battles and eliminate threats. After the location is cleared, players will be able to set up productions and start earning money.

You can learn more about the in-game economy on Medium.
How can I make money in 2040WORLD?
Any player can turn time spent in 2040WORLD into money. You can create a free-to-play gray avatar, find mineral deposits, mine resources with a pickaxe and sell them at auction to other players for tokens. Or attack other avatars. If you win the fight, you can get some valuable items from their inventory.
Licensed avatars can set up autonomous resource mining stations. Mined resources can be auctioned or used to produce goods at factories. Produced goods can be sold to other players for tokens.

You can learn more about how to make money playing the game on Medium.
How do I start my in-game business?
At the beginning of each season, players start to eliminate threats and compete for construction rights. Threats are all factors that prevent you from setting up factories and producing in-game goods. For example, a hostile environment. At the end of each season, top players get construction rights and can set up production buildings. Factory owners can produce goods and sell them at auction to other players. They can also rent out their facilities and earn passive income in tokens for each unit of goods produced.
How can I contact you? I have a business offer.
We are always open to meet new people and consider interesting partnership offers. You can email us at [email protected]
How do I become an ambassador of 2040WORLD?
If you are interested in the project and would like to promote, contact us via email.

We have a special program that will give you bonuses for promoting 2040WORLD in your community. To learn more about the program, email us at [email protected]
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