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Lead concept artist

Your responsibilities:

  • Creating designs for characters, creatures, and environment in accordance with the artistic vision of the game
  • Leading the Concept Art team, guiding other artists through both mentorship and critique
  • Cooperating with other leads and team members across various departments to help steer the conceptual direction into the final game experience
  • Working closely with 3D Asset teams, Environment teams and Character teams, joining their design processes and working out the visual problems that arise during production

Required skills:

  • Solid 2D drawing skills and a good esthetic sense. Top-notch technique and thorough knowledge of anatomy, perspective, composition, color, and textures
  • Ease and efficiency when working in a team
  • Ability to turn ideas into images
  • Commitment to the project and a desire to find the best possible way of completing it
  • Knowledge of how the development of a game is planned and prepared along with project cycles


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